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Advantages of A.C over D.C. | Alternating Current & Direct Current |

Advantages of A.C over D.C.

list of few advantages of A.C. supply over D.C. Supply are :These are the some following major advantages of Alternating current over direct current

Advantages of A.C over D.C
Advantages of A.C over D.C

1. A  supply voltage can be raised or lowered by using transformer in A.C. as per requirement. It is not easy to do in the case of D.C. Supply.

2. For a given size of machine , the power generated in three phase alternator is three times the power generated in d.c. generator .Smaller size of machine make it cheaper 

3. Generation of power at high voltage is easier in the case of a.c. than the case of d.c. generation.It is because of commutation problem in d.c. generation

4. For transmission of a given amount of power over a given distance at a given voltage , the conductor material required in the case of three phase a.c. system is less than conductor material  required in two wire d.c. system

5.In case of 3 phase , 4 wire system two different voltages 230 Volt and 400 Volt can be obtained .Which is not possible in D.C. System 

6. A.C. motors are simple in construction ,rugged and required less maintenance .These are comparatively cheap and smaller in size.

Alternating Current 

Alternating current is may be defined as " A current which changes it's direction regularly is known as a.c. current " OR

A current whose magnitude is varies with time is termed as alternating current .

They have no types 

Direct Current 

Direct Current (D.C.) is defined as " a current which flow in one direction only is known as direct current "or 

A current whose magnitude is not varies with time is known as direct current 

There are two types of Direct Current 
1. Steady Direct Current 
2. Pulsating Direct Current 


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